Baton Rouge Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-BAF10D~1-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

Baton Rouge Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions

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free quote-7-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more


Give your kitchen and bathroom a new touch with Baton Rouge Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions. Your visitors may not visit the rooms, but they will surely see the kitchen, and no one will give a good comment about a kitchen with an outdated look or the kitchen fixtures needing replacement, but we also know that feeling when all you get from family and friends is wow, I love this! That is the beauty.

So do you think your kitchen needs a remodeling from the countertop to the lighting fixtures [kitchen remodeling baton rouge], what about the kitchen flooring, not in good condition? Or your restaurant needs a home remodeling contractor, contact us right away.

Baton Rouge Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-BAF10D~1-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

What about the bathroom? it needs remodeling too, we are also your favorite bathroom remodeling contractors for shower remodeling, tub, and shower installation, or tub to shower conversions, walk-in-tubs renovations, small bathroom remodels, bathroom vanity installation, Bathroom Countertop Replacement & Installation.

We also install shower enclosures, Jacuzzi and bathtubs, and bath wall surround, and custom bathroom renovations [bathroom remodelers baton rouge] won’t be a bad idea for your bathroom. You can as well, boost your home with scintillating home additions.

Just tell us what you need, we know what to do. Home remodeling is what we do, and nobody does it like us!

Baton Rouge Kitchen & Bath remodeling range of services

Kitchen cabinets: We partner with the best manufacturers of quality cabinets like tedd wood, merillat masterpiece, and marsh furniture. We use exotic veneers or solid wood construction for the remodel, and apply a high gloss finish for the cabinet doors also meticulously apply the stain and the paint to the outdated kitchen cabinets.

Dovetail or stainless steel drawer: Dovetail drawers are handcrafted with varieties of styles [bathroom remodeling east baton rouge parish] and specifications to update any. While the stainless steel drawers are suitable for storing heavy kitchen items such as saucepans, a perfect choice for under-benched cabinets.

Soft-close features: we can as well install soft-close features for your kitchen remodel. Soft-close features come with outstanding benefits like:

  • give your kitchen a stylish look
  • It offers quiet, effortless, and smooth operation of cabinets drawers, and doors
  • it provides safety for kids
  • it is durable

Traditional Kitchens: We combine tradition with modernity to make your kitchen cozy with a rich aesthetic look.

Contemporary Kitchens & Kitchen islands: contemporary kitchen and kitchen islands require professionalism. For instance, if you have dark wood cabinets or marble countertops then Stainless Steel Kitchen Island would be the perfect match. And we have many more ideas to offer if you contact us for your contemporary kitchen and kitchen islands

Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces: there are endless materials to choose from when it comes to countertop remodel, Marble, granite, Corian, quartz, glass, tile, quartzite, Cambria, Caesar stone, Pompeii. Just tell us what you need we know what to do, and if you are unsure contact us we will brainstorm, and give you the best kitchen countertop idea.

Outdoor Kitchens: a gorgeous outdoor kitchen with louver cabinets, with shaker style door coupled with concrete stab and 100% weatherproof is definitely what you need!

Kitchen Backsplash Paneling: meet with our decorative experts on the most suitable backlash paneling. We can create different elegant kitchen backlash paneling with stylish materials around such as Granite, Tumbled Marble, Glass, Glass tile, Metal tile, Stainless Steel, Subway Tile, Stone, Porcelain, Travertine, if you can imagine it, we can create it!

Kitchen Tile and Stone: transform your kitchen with tile and stone to create a modern look or classic look.

Kitchen Sinks, Fixtures, & Faucets: update the outdated knob, taps, or sinks to stainless steel, porcelain, vessel sink even to composite sinks.

Kitchen Cabinet refinishing: kitchen cabinet is best handled by a professional to meticulously apply the paint, stain, also give it a luxurious smooth finish with glazing.

Kitchen Designs & Closet Systems: Contact us to see our different kitchen designs and let’s begin the process to take your kitchen beyond the horizon. And we can also help you maximize your closet space, give it a stylish look with rich color coupled with organized cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry: custom cabinets are cabinets built from scratch specifically to fit a particular area. They are well made to suit the need of your kitchen.

Complete Kitchen Renovations: yes! We can do a complete renovation to make your kitchen exceptionally fantastic

Kitchen Windows & Doors: how do you want your kitchen and doors, do you prefer casement, or single hung or gliders Do you want Low-E or insulated or high impact glass, you name your choice, and leave the rest to us.

Kitchen Lighting: illuminate your kitchen with glamorous lighting such as recessed, pendant, under cabinet, task light, accent, and LED.

Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling: Eco-friendly homes are not just good for the environment, but also an avenue to save some cash over time.

Cabinet Refacing: save some cash by refacing your cabinet instead of replacing them. We will replace the old woods with new solid woods also the hinges and the hardware to make it entirely new!

Commercial Kitchen Remodeling: regardless of the reasons you want to get your commercial kitchen to remodel, our team of specialist at Baton Rouge, we guide you through the process of the remodel, and the result is always beautiful and amazing.

Kitchen Painting: are you worried about the best color for your kitchen? Just contact us, we got you covered.

Kitchen Appliances: apart from the functionality of kitchen appliances, it adds beauty to your kitchen, so it is imperative you get the appropriate kitchen appliances to finish that mesh with your kitchen style- we can help you with that.

Kitchen Flooring: we have the trendiest kitchen materials for you to choose from to upgrade your kitchen flooring- Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Pavers, Slate, Wood, Coral Stone, Coquina Tile, Mexican Shell stone, Mexican Tile, Onyx, Stone floors and/or walls.

Baton Rouge Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions-BACB16~1-We do kitchen & bath remodeling, home renovations, custom lighting, custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing and refinishing, outdoor kitchens, commercial kitchen, countertops, and more

Luxury Kitchen Designs: the kitchen is the tourist part of the home- so to speak, so giving it a luxury design won’t be a bad idea!

Small Kitchen Remodeling: small kitchen can get more efficient with a more stylish look if you have us remodel the kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen Remodels: restaurant kitchen remodels are a different ball game entirely. Restaurant kitchen remodels focuses on space to accommodate people, adequate lighting, and not the look. However, there is a need to apply quality finish to the kitchen since is a heavy-duty room.

Kitchen Accessories: enhance your kitchen functionality, brighten up your kitchen also maximize your new kitchen with internal features like Roll-Outs, Spice Drawers, and Charging Stations.

Bath Remodeling and Renovations

We are not just the leading in kitchen remodeling, but also a bathroom remodels contractor to reckon with for bath remodeling and renovations. Give your bathroom an entirely new look with Shower Remodeling Tub, Shower Installation Tub to Shower Conversion, Walk-In Tubs Renovations also Bathroom Vanity Installation, and Small Bathroom Remodel for a complete makeover.

Do your bathroom countertop needs replacement or do you want to install new shower doors and enclosures, bathroom cabinets, and Jacuzzi and spa tubs. And you need to have a bath wall surround to waterproof the walls around it. The bathroom wall surround also offers a sleek smooth look to brighten up the bathroom.

  • Custom Bathroom Renovations: custom bathroom renovations will give your bathroom a look you will love for years to come. And there are numerous custom designs, so there is 100% assurance you will get the one that fits your bathroom.
  • Home additions: home additions are priceless to increase the square footage of your house also enhance the value of your home.
  • Home Remodeling Contractors: is it about time to update your home’s design or remodel it to suit your new lifestyle? Then you need to contact us right away! Our team of professionals [kitchen and bath remodelers baton rouge] will brainstorm to give you scintillating ideas to remodel your home with a luxurious look, also ensure quick job delivery.

Whether you have an existing plan or not, we will guide you through the remodeling process, either kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or interior and exterior design, you name it, we are at your service anytime any day.

You won’t get what you desire if you don’t contact the right home remodeling contractor to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, and your home in general beyond expectation with top-notch materials.

With our team of professionals coupled with our valuable years of experience in home remodeling [kitchen and bath remodeling baton rouge], quality combines with true professionalism is what you should expect from us!

Kitchen and bath remodeling is a noble exercise that every homeowner should be thinking about. The process seems to be expensive but it is worth the effort as it will make your home more energy-efficient. You will be able to have an attractive space that will meet the needs of your households quite well. The most important thing is to get a contractor that will handle your project with the highest level of professionalism.